DIETA MEDITERRANEA AyV S.A. recently signed an agreement with the company CECOFAR


DIETA MEDITERRANEA, AyV S.A. has finalized an agreement with the company CECOFAR, for the distribution of the functional food product ACEITEROL in all pharmacies of Andalusia, Extremadura and Madrid. With this agreement the product will be available to all users who want to include it into their daily diet and those who want to enjoy all the benefits of antioxidant, especially for the prevention of cardiovascular disorders as well as prostate, breast and colon cancer. Last Tuesday the 14th, in the premises of CECOFAR, a course of presentation and training was organized for the this distributor’s entire team of sales delegates  who visit pharmacies in Andalusia, Extremadura and Madrid. The presentation was taken charge of by the Manager of Dieta Mediterránea AyV S.A. who emphasized the milestones of the product. The investigation of ACEITEROL was initiated in 2003 and in the year of 2009 at the Complutense University of Madrid a clinical research was carried out with people to corroborate its benefits on human health. There have been years of studies, research and trials for creating this product that really helps improve the health of those who consume it in their daily diet. Later on, Dr. Rosa García Alcón gave a clinical presentation of the product to the attendees including details of its scientific characteristics and answered questions from the audience. In the end, the Quality Manager of DIETA MEDITERRANEA gave his presentation referring to the details of manufacturing process as well as its original raw materials. With the important agreement for both companies, ACEITEROL will have its position in  Spanish pharmaceutical market with an estimated revenue around 500,000 euros for this year. Department of communication.


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