Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints and causes inflammation accompanied by pain and stiffness. Arthritis has effects upon equally any joint and can be temporary (with outbreaks and remission) or chronic.

It is a disease that in general affects middle-aged women more than men. The exact causes of arthritis are still unknown today.

Treatment for this disease focuses on alleviating pain and inflammation of the patient, trying to reduce or slow down the damages to the articulation.

Sufficient rest, adapted and moderate physical exercise and a healthy diet will contribute to preventing and alleviating symptoms of patients who suffer from arthritis. One of the foods that helps decisively to improve the status of patients with arthritis and in addition prevents this disease is extra virgin olive oil.

Why is olive oil the basis of many home remedies for arthritis?

Extra virgin olive oil has a high content of polyphenols, which are known by its power as an antioxidant. It is precisely this power that eliminates the free radicals, which cause diseases like arthritis.

Extra virgin olive oil is also an ideal supplement to the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. Recent research shows the anti-inflammatory attributes of extra virgin olive oil by virtue of its high content of omega-6, which in terms of effectiveness equals the use of ibuprofen.

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