Cholesterol is a type of fat in our body, the excess of which will cause the accumulation of fat deposits in the arteries, being one of the main causes of vascular diseases such as myocardial infarction.

There are two main sources of cholesterol: the internal (produced by our organs mainly by the liver) and external (the food that we eat). For example, the abuse intake of animal fat or trans fats, increases the levels of bad cholesterol in our blood. However, olive oil, thanks to its high content of oleic acid, is one of the foods that lower human’s cholesterol level.

Bad cholesterol, or LDL, is what accumulates on the walls of blood vessels; meanwhile the good cholesterol, or HDL, is those that remove the bad cholesterol from the walls of arteries and transports it to the liver for disposal.

What is recommended for keeping cholesterol under control?

  1. Take care of your diet. Follow strictly the food pyramid is the key. The Mediterranean diet, famous for its consume of fish, olive oil, fruits, seasonal vegetables and moderate intake of meat fats and refined sugar is essential to keep the cholesterol level under control.
  2. Do sports and maintain an active pace of life. Fundamental for loosing weight, lowering the level of LDL and increasing the HDL. NCCAM recommends minimum 150 minutes of physical exercise per week. Sedentariness increases significantly the possibility of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Have a relaxed and calm lifestyle. It has been proven that stressful daily life causes the increase of cholesterol in blood.

In conclusion, olive oil is a perfect food for home remedies for lowering cholesterol.

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