Cold is one of the most common diseases. Although we tend to include them into the same kind, cold is different from flu in terms of the intensity of symptoms. Nasal congestion and runny nose, sneezing, irritation in the eyes are some of the symptoms of a cold. Currently, there are more than 400 viruses that can cause cold and it often has duration of less than 7 days.

In the case of cold, treatment with analgesics is recommended, knowing that although it does not cure the cold, it eases many of the symptoms. In this matter, there are lots of home remedies for cold, many of which have olive oil as the basic ingredient.

Olive oil: basis of the remedies for cold

This type of viral infection is very seasonal, which appears mostly in the winters attacking those whose immune systems are weak. The way of eating, stress or tiredness can cause us to be more vulnerable to such diseases. In this regard, for example, overweight people or people with diabetes have higher possibilities of catching a cold. Scientific research demonstrates the effectiveness of olive oil in relation to the control of blood sugar and even losing weight.

Moreover, it is an ideal food for curing cold as a source of vitamin A and E, which significantly strengthen the immune system and improve the immune function.

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