Diabetes is a disease that affects nearly 7% of the adult population of all European countries. It is a widespread disease in the industrialized countries since it is closely related to diet and lifestyle. Diabetes is born as a result of the inability of the human body producing insulin or the inability of using it effectively. It is caused by a deficiency of the pancreas and affects all metabolic activities.

Other than an appropriate medical treatment, there are many types of food recommended for diabetic patients and one of them is olive oil.

Why is olive oil the perfect basis of home remedies for diabetes?

Olive oil helps lower blood glucose level according to recent research. It stimulates human body to better use glucose and improves the sensitivity towards insulin, which helps diabetic patients be in a better status and make their pancreas work under a normal rhythm.

Diabetes is clearly related to the diet. And olive oil, based on the Mediterranean diet, is a great ally for the prevention and improvement of the state of health of diabetic patients.

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