shutterstock_4623067The extra virgin olive oil is known for its many healthy attributes. It is beneficial to all kinds of people and  its use is also an ideal supplement for sports lovers.
Among its many benefits, olive oil contains a special substance called oleocanthal, which reduces inflammation and pain that could be a result of doing sports. Being rich in Vitamin E also helps improve skin condition and fight against cell deterioration resulted from normal practice of physical exercise.
The major fatty acid of olive oil – oleic acid, is an unsaturated fat that helps reduce cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Another key element of extra virgin olive oil is polyphenols, which are antioxidants that also lower the possibility of cardiovascular diseases.
Therefore, extra virgin olive oil is a product that should be in the diet of every athlete. Molino de Zafra is committed to the production of organic and conventional extra virgin oil, which retains all the attributes of olives that are beneficial to the health of consumers.

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