Flu is a common disease. Caused by a virus, flu leads to fever, headache and malaise. In addition, flu normally lasts from a week to 10 days and tends to be especially hard on children and the elderly. Nowadays flu is completely controllable. With prompt treatment, rest and a good hydration, the patient will be totally recovered.

One of the major problems is its easy contagion. Almost every winter we are seeing a prevalent flu.

Olive oil as a fundamental basis of remedies against the flu

What does olive oil has for being so beneficial to preventing and treating flu? Since a long time ago, extra virgin olive oil has been the fundamental compound of home remedies for treating flu thanks to many of its attributes:

  • Hydroxytyrosol, a potent antioxidant whose function is to eliminate free radicals in our body and stimulate the immune system.
  • Thanks to its lubricating function, it is ideal for smoothing the cough and sore throat
  • Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory contents, the oil becomes a natural ibuprofen
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