Olive leaf tea

Molino de Zafra has developed the tea of olive leaf of the Moorish variety, selected out of all the varieties for containing a higher index of beneficial antioxidants as tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol.

In addition there are other fundamental components in the olive leaves such as oleuropein, another important antioxidant and the origin of the bitterness of olives. This antioxidant allows the olive oil to be preserved for a long time without getting stale. On the other hand, the oleuropein also inhibits the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

By fighting against the free radicals, it boosts our immune system, whereupon also strengthens our defence in front of all kinds of pathogenic aggressions.

If you are a hypertensive, we also recommend you to have the MOLINO de ZAFRA olive leaf tea everyday.


Different uses of olive leaf throughout the history:

The olive leaf has been known and used by Mediterranean peoples since the earliest times. This natural product helped to fight against various diseases throughout human history.

On the other hand, we have to highlight that it is an absolutely natural product. The ancient Greeks and then the Romans used it for what they called “reduce the blood”.

Nowadays, the cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world and the most important within its various pathogenies is hypertension.

Suffice it to say that only in the United States, 500,000 people died in 2009 of diseases associated with hypertension.

Using olive leaves as tea has been a way of controlling high blood pressure since centuries ago.

Olive leaves also has a great capacity to fight against all kinds of viruses, as been proven in numerous studies from various universities.

Olive leaves have also been used to combat certain types of influenza. Due to its virucidal power it even has been used to fight against AIDS.


Another attribute is febrifuge capacity, which makes olive leaf a very interesting natural element to reduce body temperature.

However, the most important efficacy of olive leaves ingested in the form of decoction or tea is its ability to control hypertension – the first cause of cardiovascular diseases, which were the biggest human life taker in the 20th century and will continue increasing its danger on us in this century.

We can say with guaranty that this tea will help you regulate your blood circulation and gradually reduce the blood pressure, which is a key factor to your health.

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