10 golden rules for following the Mediterranean diet

Option: Use the olive oil as the main fat intake. How to follow the rule: use olive oil for the dressing. Use “High oleic” sunflower oil as the good substitution to oil olive for frying.

Option: High intake of vegetal food: fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. How to follow the rule: Bottled juice is a good alternative. Eat more seasonal vegetables – best quality at the best price – or freeze them for when the price goes up. The deep-frozen vegetable is another interesting option from a nutritional point of view.

Option: Bread and staple food made from cereals (pasta, rice and whole-grain products) should be part of the daily diet. How to follow the rule: include whole-grain foods in the daily menu. Start with whole-grain bread, cereals and cookies and later, rice and pasta.

Option: The less processed, fresh and local foods are the most recommended. How to follow the rule: seasonal food is at its best status of nutrients, flavor, aroma and price.

Option: Daily consume of dairy products, mainly yogurt and cheese. How to follow the rule: drink every day fermented milk is a healthy habit since it contains various health benefits.

Option: Moderate consume of red meat. How to follow the rule: eat more legumes as main course, after a salad instead of meat. Eat red meat only in stews and casseroles with vegetables, not as the only main ingredient. Reduce fat, cholesterol and calories.

Option: Eat frequently fish and moderate consume of eggs. How to follow the rule: make the most use of the seasonal fish that is the tastiest and at the best price (mackerel, anchovies, sardines, tuna and bonito…). The alternative is the frozen fish, which still retains all of the nutritional values. Conserved tuna, sardines or mackerel are another option to eat blue fish. Eating 3 to 4 eggs per week is recommended (higher intake is permitted if the person is overweighed or physically active) as protein alternative to meat and fish.

Option: Fresh fruits as dessert. How to follow the rule: alternating between fresh fruits and juice, as dessert is a good way to start to intake fruits.

Option: Water is the excellent beverage. Wine should be consumed moderately and only during meals. How to follow the rule: broth, soup, tea and iced drinks are options of hydration. It is not recommended to start to drink wine daily if it has not been habitual. Grape juice or even better just grapes are more recommended since they contain the same antioxidants as in wine but are alcohol-free and even concentrate more nutrients.

Option: Doing physical activities every day. How to follow the rule: For staying active, it is essential to seek physical exercise that you like and best suits your needs and pace of life. Source: Adapted from the recommendations of the Dieta Mediterránea Foundation.


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