High blood pressure affects 1 of every 4 adults, being a possible cause of death. High tension on the arteries that supplies blood to the heart, brain and kidneys for example, expose human health under certain dangers.

One of the key factors to control hypertension is the food. The Mediterranean diet has a fundamental ingredient that fights against this disease: olive oil.

A lot of research has shown that a diet affluent in oleic acid, regular exercises plus healthy habits helps improve the condition of hypertension. We often find that hypertension is also closely related to obesity. Taking control of our dietary style and daily habits is fundamental to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

What does olive oil have that make it a key factor and basis of home remedies for high blood pressure?

Oleic acid, polyphenols, triterpenes, oleanolic acid… the answer is still uncertain. What is clear and scientifically proven is that olive oil is a great ally in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, reducing the risk of heart attacks, stroke, etc.

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