Recent research has revealed that a high consumption of lycopene is associated with a 30-40% decrease of the risk of prostate cancer. A prospective study “Health professionals Follows-up Study”, conducted during 12 years on more than 47,000 men, found that a high consumption of lycopene is associated with a statistically significant reduction of 16% in the risk of prostate cancer development, while the high consumption of tomato sauce is related to a 23% reduction.

These data suggest that cooked tomatoes and olive oil facilitate the absorption of lycopene by human body. 3 clinical trials were carried out for trying to show the effect of tomato sauce on the serum levels of PSA of patients with prostate cancer, who are scheduled for radical surgery in 3 weeks. The reduction of PSA were observed between 17.5% and 20% in the 3 trials, while there was an increase in the control group.

A meta-analysis study observed a reduction in the relative risk of prostate cancer of 0.89 for males who consumed large amount of raw tomato while a 0.81 for those who consumed products of cooked tomato like sauce or pasta. Source: “help fight against your cancer ” of Dr. Gilberto Chéchile. Technological Medical Institute and Institute of prostate diseases. Barcelona.


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