Molino de Zafra history


Molino de Zafra started its journey in 1997 when D. José Medina, a great nature lover and entrepreneur, sent the Instituto de la Grasa of Seville some different varieties of olive from Extremadura. The research afterwards defined the excellent quality of the Moorish olive variety for olive oil production.
This research was the beginning of a new and exciting project called Molino de Zafra, an ecological oil mill whose aim is to produce the highest quality olive oil.


Molino de Zafra is one of the extra virgin olive oil and vinegar mills with the highest production in Badajoz today. Our oil, produced following the most strict quality processes and carefully packed according to the regulations, is sold across the borders, which made us a leading brand of olive oil and sherry vinegar exportation.

Molino de Zafra is composed of highly qualified staff, modern and adapted installations of production and private plantation of Moorish olives, whose cultivation is totally ecological in order to ensure the quality of the fruits. This helps us to be one of the extra virgin olive oil factories with the highest autonomy in operation at the suburb of Badajoz.      

Moreover, we are located in an area with great oil tradition, the town of Zafra. Therefore, we had the chance to inherit from our elder generations the required skills and knowledge for olive cultivation as well as how to produce organic extra virgin olive oil with the traditional production of the highest quality.
Besides, this historic enclave is now the epicenter of producing a special variety of olives whose origin is also part of the Spanish history, the Moorish.
Our company’s philosophy respects these traditions meanwhile applying new and modern techniques of production.
For this reason, we keep great interests in carrying out various Research Projects, one of which led to our famous product Aceiterol: a product in which the benefits of the best organic olive oil and the main antioxidant of tomato lycopene are combined.

  • Mission:

    Offer the society the highest quality food products based on the joint of four pillars: olives, health, the nature of Southern Spain and R+D+i.

  • Vision:

    Promote the Moorish olive oil variety across the world, being the reference of 100% natural and healthy food products.

  • Values:

    • Ethics:We encourage professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect for people and standards..
    • Commitment to the environment: Our production process guarantees its non-agression to the environment at all stages and  the reuse of production waste, trying to keep the CO2 emissions null.
    • Innovation: The constant renovation is fundamental for business and the society. Therefore, we always use 100% natural ingredients, which are totally harmless to the environment.
    • Commitment to health and natural products: Health is essential to human life, for which purpose healthy food based on 100% natural ingredients is significant.


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