Olive Oil Tourism

Activities: Olive oil tourism

  • Miller’s Breakfast:

Enjoy toast made by the fireplace in the purest traditional style. You can choose to have your toast with organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality or with ACEITEROL, a product that combines lycopene extract (natural tomato antioxidant) along with our organic extra virgin olive oil. Coffee, milk, chocolate, juice and water are also available at your choice for complementing your toasts.

  • Guided visit at our ecological oil mills:

Learn in a first-hand way the elaboration of the organic and conventional extra virgin olive oil guided by one of our expert miller.

To better enjoy the on-site visit of production process, we recommend you to make the visit in the months of harvest season between November and January when mills are at their full productive activities.

In case of the visit not in the olive season, an explanatory video of the production process will be projected and visitors can ask our millers any questions on the topic.


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Start with an exhibition and explanation of different olive oils in cups, from the extra virgin olive oil until the third one of lame quality even oil made of pomace and samples of oil under bad exposure in store or expired.

Then we will pass two to three cups of flat oil to every visitor, one with fruity olive oil, one with plain olive oil, and the third with oil of flawed quality, for everyone to see the differences between them. Attendees can taste different types of oil according to the established olive oil standards and then learn how to differentiate a good olive oil for the one that is not.

After that we will have a Q&A session to answer any doubts of the attendees.

  • Visit of ecological olive groves:

Enjoy each step around the centenarian olive trees of ecological production, where our guide will explain the characteristics of these unique olive trees, its age, collection and the other things about organic farming.

In addition, as an optional activity, visitors can enjoy some of the most characteristic food in the Extremadura gastronomy that we prepared in advance, such as classic tapas of Iberian ham, olives, summer sausage, Iberian chorizo and cheese… all match with the most exquisite wines with designation of origin Ribera del Guadiana.




Where you can enjoy visiting a town whose origin dates back to the time of Roman Empire with the legendary city of Segeda, which has an extraordinary importance during the medieval times for being on the borderline that divided the taifas kingdoms of Seville and Badajoz.

The guided tour will show the most significant places of the city of Zafra, Grande Plaza Grande, Small Plaza, Puerta de Jerez, Arch of the Nave, Town Hall Square, Door of D. Antonio Mecca, Castle of the Paradors and Plaza of the Heart of Mary among the others.



Visit the convent of the 16th century purchased by the family of Medina and converted into a wine cellar. Now this winery of The Convent is a bodega-museum where you can see the traditional methods of wine production, as well as try its exquisite wine and learn to taste like a pro.


Choose from several classic menus of Extremadura in a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal in a bullring-like environment.


Relax in one of the only spas in Spain specialized in natural mud application.




  • Rural Hotel La Cigüeña de Feria


Located in the in the southern slope of the Sierra Vieja, in the region of Zafra, Río Bodión Province of Badajoz nestles our Hotel Rural La Cigüeña.

Its stunning views to the Castle of the Fair whose origins can date back to the first Roman inhabitants, together with forest of almond trees and the sightings of storks in its vicinity give this hotel a perfect environment to relax and enjoy in the nature.

Hotel Rural La Cigüeña has 8 double rooms with private bathrooms and TV in each room, together with its spacious interior, which followed the classic architectural standards of the South of Spain. The rural hotel allows us to enjoy all the charms of the Spanish traditional accommodation with the amenities of a modern building built in 2013.

Accommodation in other hotels of the area is available such as the Parador de Zafra.



Basic Package (Visit of our installations) 2 € per person 45 min.
Basic Package + Miller’s Breakfast 5 € per person 1 h 15 min.
Miller’s Breakfast + Visit + Tasting of olives 10 € per person 2 h.
Miller’s Breakfast + Visit of oil mills + Tasting of olives + Visit of olive groves 14 € per person 2 h 45 min
Miller’s Breakfast + Visit of oil mills + Tasting of olives + Visit of olive groves with appetizers and wine 20 € per person 3 h 15 min
Accommodation at Rural Hotel la Cigüeña in doble room with breakfast. Consult prices of other plans. 50 € per person (activities of olive oil tourism not included)

*Consult prices for groups

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